Saturday, 3 May 2014

Ballysillan - the local shops

Shops are an important part of any community and the 1943 Belfast Street Directory lists the following shops on the Ballysillan Road and the top of the Oldpark Road.

These were the days before supermarkets and shopping centres and a time when very few people had a car.  As a result they shopped locally and there were many small grocery shops, butchers and newsagents.

The 1943 street directory records four shops on the Ballysillan Road, opposite Oldpark Road; 234 Bulloch's lending library; 234a Marigold bakery; 236 Mrs E Burns, draper; and 236a James T McKay, butcher.

There were also six shops at the top of the Oldpark Road: 685 J Moreland, grocer; 687 vacant; 689 J Irwin, flasher; 691 vacant; 693 Mrs M Crawford, grocer; and 695 J Ferris, boot repairer.

There were two shops at the top of Joanmount Gardens: 417 W T Fitzgerald, newsagent; and 419-421 McCorkell Brothers, grocers.

William Lennon, known to children as 'Pop Lennon', had a newsagent's shop at the bottom of Silverstream Park and S Moore had a newsagent's shop on the Oldpark Road, at the corner with Joanmount Park.  The shop was close to Carr's Glen primary school and was regular stop for children who wanted to know what you could get for a penny.  The shop window at Mr Moore's was also used by children to perform the 'Harry Worth' illusion as seen on TV.

In Glenside Parade, behind Ballysillan Presbyterian Church, were the Glenside Cash Stores.

The Co-operative store at the bottom of Ballysillan Park came later and so it seems did the Hillcrest Stores.

But what was Bulloch's lending library?

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